Alex Maymind (b. Riga, Latvia) is a Los Angeles-based designer and teacher currently pursuing a PhD in history and theory of architecture at the University of California, Los Angeles.

He holds an M. Arch from Yale University School of Architecture, and a B.S in Architecture from Ohio State University’s Knowlton School of Architecture. Previously, he was the 2012–13 Walter B. Sanders Fellow at the University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, and taught at Cornell University in Ithaca and New York City. His writing, ranging from a genealogy of the free section to an exploration of globalization’s clichés, has appeared in a number of journals including Log, Pidgin, Thresholds, Offramp, Dimensions, and Clog. His work has been exhibited in Rome, New York City, Chicago, Ann Arbor, and Los Angeles. Most recently, he published Revisiting Revisiting as part of the Graham Foundation’s “Treatise: Why Write Alone?” series.

Since 2002, he has been studying, writing, talking, drawing, thinking, perusing, observing, making, performing, and engaging architecture in a variety of formats, venues, and mediums. See below for more lists and details.

alex.maymind / at / gmail.com
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Revisiting Revisiting
"Treatise: Why Write Alone?"
Organized by Jimenez Lai, March 2015

"Taxidermy, Shotcrete, and the Techno-aesthetic"
POOL: UCLA Department of Architecture, 2015

Interpunct: Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture, Issue 3, 2015

“A Working Genealogy of the Free Section”
OFFRAMP: The SCI-arc Review of Contemporary Architecture, Issue 8, 2014

“100 Drawings”
Dimensions 27: University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture & Urban Planning, 2014

A Question of Qualities: Jeffrey Kipnis Collected Writings
Editor, MIT Press, Writing Architecture Series, 2013

“Paul Rudolph’s Vertiginous Free Section”
in CLOG: Brutalism, 2012

“Still Ugly After All of These Years: A Close Reading of the Wexner Center”
ONE: TWELVE: Knowlton School of Architecture, Ohio State University, Issue #4, 2012

“Manhattanisms: RAM(s) vs. REM”
Pidgin Magazine: Princeton University School of Architecture, Issue #11, 2011

“Urban Follies: Pavilions and the Apolitical”
in Log 18, 2010 (with Parsa Khalili)

“Painterly Cosmetics: How to Tattoo a Marble Skin”
Thresholds 37: SEX, MIT School of Architecture, 2010

Conditions Magazine for Architecture & Urbanism, Issue 2: Interpretation and Copy, 2009
Revisiting Revisiting
“Treatise: Why Write Alone?” Graham Foundation for Art and Architecture
Curated by Jimenez Lai
(Chicago, January 2015)

Possible Mediums
Syracuse University School of Architecture Fisher Center
(New York City, 2014)

POP: Protocols, Obsessions, Positions
Storefront for Art and Architecture
(New York City, 2013)

100 Drawings
Walter B. Sanders Fellowship Exhibition
University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture Gallery
(Ann Arbor, MI, 2013)
Syracuse University School of Architecture
"Architecture Itself" Workshop
With Kyle Miller
June 2015

University of California Los Angeles, Department of Architecture
2013- now

University of Michigan, Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning
Walter B. Sanders Fellow

Cornell University, Department of Architecture

Yale University, School of Architecture & Department of the History of Art

“Rules, Misfits, Grammar, and the Absurd Weight of History,” Studio Talk
UCLA Department of Architecture, 2014

“Revisiting Revisiting,” Studio Talk
Woodbury University School of Architecture, 2014

“100 Drawings,” Fellowship Lecture
University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture & Urban Design, 2013

“Rowe versus Ungers,” Lecture
Cornell University Real Estate Program, Distinguished Speaker Series, 2012
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