Alex Maymind is a Los Angeles- based designer and teacher.

Alex has taught architecture in various capacities at Yale, Michigan, UCLA, and Cornell. His work has been exhibited at the Graham Foundation, Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York City, the University of Michigan, and has been a part of several recently-formed platforms for speculative architecture: Possible Mediums, Treatise, and On The Road LA. His writing, ranging from a genealogy of the free section, to an exegesis of ugliness in architectural deconstruction, to an exploration of globalization’s clichés, have appeared in a number of journals including Log, Pidgin, Thresholds, OFFRAMP, and Clog. He is the editor of A Question of Qualities: Essays in Architecture by Jeffrey Kipnis (MIT Press, 2013). He has delivered lectures and studio talks at UCLA, Woodbury, Michigan, and Cornell in addition to serving as a guest critic at various schools across the country.

He studied architecture at Yale University (M.Arch) and Ohio State University (BS Arch). He is currently pursuing a PhD in history and theory of architecture at UCLA.

Contact: alex.maymind@gmail.com


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